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Shapes in Flame Retardant Polyurethane Foam

These shapes are developed in accordance with our client’s requirements based on the technical information and product application. We adapt the product pursuant to the specific needs and we provide feasible solutions. These shapes may be tri-dimensional or bi-dimensional.

Additionally, these foams are flame retardant which involves an additional compound that increases its resistance to flames hence providing added safety.

Shapes may be self-adhesive on one side, on multiple sides or have no adhesive at all depending on the actual needs of each client.

  • Isolator of noise and dust
  • Sealing in refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Acustic isolator of doors and windows
  • Damping of vibrations
  • Fixation of signals

The colors of this product relate to the needs and applicability requirements of each client. Similarly, each client determines the foam density and the purchase volume.

To obtain better results in terms of product adhesiveness, product should remain under zero stress conditions for 24 hours and it should be placed on a clean, dry and oil-free surface.

Shapes in Flame Retardant Polyurethane Foam

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